Kingo Android Root is a super cool computer software allows you to Root your Android device is a lot different and totally convenient operation with simple operation. Speak always the software is developed by the Chinese programmer, so if you do not like it, stop reading from this site offline!


I think you can rest assured with virus and malware problems, because they have tried a number of virus scanning software is copyrighted and clean results. This article will guide you to root your Android device from the computer by Kingo Root.
Remember to turn on the device:
In Settings / About tablet / Software Info - click on the Build Number 7 times to unlock Developer Options
In Settings / Developer Options - click to select USB debugging section
In Settings / Sercurity - Click to select Disturbed sources - uncheck Verify apps - finished
Plug the device into a computer, will automatically receive Kingo Root and scored in the bottom Connected
Click Root to begin the rooting, after pressing, you do not need to do anything anymore. The process of root fairly quickly, I tried to LG G Pad, it takes about 1 minute
Once the root is completed, the device will automatically reboot. In the case failed, try again.

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